A Record Management System built for and designed by schools

A Record Management

System Built for

and Designed by Schools

RecordBench Features

Why choose RecordBench?

While record management is not new, its absence in schools has been identified as a major risk that requires attention. The recent Royal Commission has found that many private schools have been found wanting in their record keeping. School boards around Australia are becoming increasingly aware of this, with record managers now becoming an important and integral part of school compliance.

RecordBench has been built to help record managers exercise their role, by enabling staff to more easily prepare records, and use the school oriented disposal schedule.

The software system is only one facet of the implementation of a Record Management system. The other facets consist of a project undertaken by Parashift in partnership with the school to consult on how RecordBench needs to be structured, and on the definitions of appropriate retention schedules. We also provide training both for end users and for record administrators to ensure the school gets the best out the system.