Governance Matters – protect your school’s corporate memory

Governance Matters –

Protect your School’s

Corporate Memory


What is a record, and why should you care?

As the leader of your school, one of your key responsibilties lies in the creation and maintenance of proper process (aka governance), thereby protecting the school now and into the future. The recent Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse concluded many things, one of which was that schools needed to improve their record keeping.

Quite simply, a record is evidence of a business transaction with a long term value. Examples include a major vendor contract, a strategic plan and review, building plans, staff contracts, heritage items, and children related matters such as an incident and associated documented response.

A record management system like RecordBench is designed to capture, store and classify important information (records) and keep them safe for the long term. The period that records need to be kept for is determined by what the record actually is. For example, a major contract should be retained for 15 years past the expiry date, whereas strategic reviews are required to be kept indefinitely.

Volume 8, 2.13 established the following Records & record keeping principles which are supported by RecordBench:

    1. Retain full and accurate records relevant to child safety and well being
    2. Create and maintain records about all incidents responses and decisions affecting child safety & well being
    3. Records relating to child safety & well-being to be disposed of in accordance with law or policy

RecordBench is a solution to empower your school’s record manager to capture and preserve information for the long term, often in times beyond your own tenure.