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RecordBench Features

On Premise or Private Cloud

The very nature of records has you storing school information (some of which is sensitive) for the long term. RecordBench is your system and can be provided as a virtual appliance installed on your hardware or hosted in an environment like Azure or Amazon.

Access to RecordBench is controlled through Active Directory, supporting role-based permissions.

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Store Digital and
Non-Digital Records

A record can be in digital form, such as emails and office documents, images and movies, or in non-digital form, such as material of high significance to the history of the school (e.g. formal group photographs, trophies and newspaper cuttings). It can include policies and procedures, executive minutes and reports, staff and student records, etc.

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Emails are Records

Business is in a large part carried out today through email, which may need to be declared as records. To capture an email as a record, simply highlight the email and drag it to the RecordBench folder through our Outlook Connector.

RecordBench will then store a digital copy of the email and file it based on the associated metadata.

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Records Retention Schedule for Non-Government Schools (RRDS) supported

Out of the box, RecordBench comes with the education-industry oriented disposal schedule, RRDS, created by the Australian Society of Archivists. It is ideal for Pre-School, Early learning, Primary & Secondary as well as special education schools.

For more details, visit The Australian Society of Archvist website.

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