Record Management Made Easy

Smart + Simple + Safe

Record Management

Made Easy

Smart + Simple + Safe

  • An Electronic Record Management System designed by schools and built for their record management needs
  • Captures, stores and makes findable your school records Supports legislative industry standards and the findings and recommendations from government inquiries into institutions with a duty of care for children
  • Can be installed either at the school or a private cloud

RecordBench Features

Drop Zones

Everyone can be a record manager. To capture a record, staff can simply visit one of RecordBench’s Drop Zones using the browser, email folder or their share drive.

It’s as simple as drag-and-drop from their share drive or the RecordBench folder in their Outlook.


File Plan – Auto Classification

RecordBench supports the Records Retention Schedule for Non-Government Schools (2nd Edition) as recommended by the Australian Society of Archivists.

RecordBench classifies your records automatically and intelligently using their metadata. The classification inherits the retention and disposal schedule applicable for that record type.

Examples include: 7 years for a minor agreement, 15 years for major agreements, and retain permanently for strategic planning, reporting and reviews.


Retrieval of your records becomes a snap. RecordBench allows you to search by any metadata field as well as the text with the record. Relevancy is managed by placing records that contain your search terms referenced more often at the top of the search results.

Results are also controlled based on users’ permissions, so RecordBench only provide search results according to users’ access rights.



The Retention Schedule sets out the policy for how long to keep records and what action to take once the time has lapsed. Records highlighted for destruction are referred to the record manager to implement the school policy, such as collecting approvals for destruction. Decisions can then be made whether to retain or destroy the records.